Presentations at ICMEO 2018

Here are all presentations from the ICMEO conference - both keynotes and presentations in workshops.

Key notes

What’s up with young men and masculinity? Jeff Hearn, Senior Professor, Örebro University, Sweden

Arab masculinities – men and gender equality in countries of origin Shereen El Feki, Senior Fellow, Promundo

Masculinities, power and sexism – male resistance and responsibilities Jesper Fundberg, Ph.D Ethnology, Advisor, Swedish Gender Equality Agency


Workshop 1: Norm critical work in schools (MÄN)

Introduction. Norm-critical and gender-transformative work – the need for a systematic life span approach. Contributors: Sara Aarnivaara and Dennis Nyström, MÄN (Sweden)

”The train” – coaching young students to become agents of change and prevent violence, both inside and outside schools. Contributor: Mantha Kasagianni, Municipality of Botkyrka (Sweden)

Norm Storm – using norm creative images and art in public spaces to create an inclusive and safe municipality. Contributor: Joanna Isaksson, Municipality of Jönköping (Sweden)

“The Macho Factory” – an audiovisual educational material for challenging Contributors: Adam Wassrin and Nathan Hamelberg, MÄN (Sweden)

Workshop 2: Promote equality through education (Swedish National Agency for Education)

Introduction. Swedish school system and The Swedish National Agency for Education. The democratic mission of preschools and schools. Contributors: Johan Lilly Gyberg and Teresa Fernández Long, The Swedish National Agency for Education

Workshop 3: Masculinity and care-giving (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions)

The Importance of Norm Criticism in Vocational Guidance Contributor: Frida Wikstrand, PhD, Malmö College Sweden)

Introduction. Swedish school system and The Swedish National Agency for Education. The democratic mission of preschools and schools. Contributors: Ole Magnus Hetland and Peter Moberg, Drammen municipality, (Norway)

The importance of norm critical study and vocational guidance. Contributor: Åsa Bäckström, Malmö Municipality (Sweden)

Migrant Men – An Untapped Resource In Care Professions Contributor: Palle Storm, PhD, Stockholm University, on migrant men in care-giving professions

Success of Care and nursing college. Promote equality, masculinise care – experience in the promotion of young men in care professions. Contributors: Javier Ayala, Mayor of Fuenlabrada, (Spain)

How to broaden students career options. Contributor: Sara Lund Benafakir, guidance counsellor at Järvenskolan Tallås (Sweden)

Workshop 4: Young men and sexual and reproductive health and rights (Public Health Agency of Sweden)

How can the WHO European strategy for men and health strengthen gender equality? Contributor: Isabel Yordi Aguirre, WHO Regional Office for Europé

Facts and perspectives on young men’s sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). Contributor: Anna-ChuChu Schindele, the Public Health Agency (Sweden)

Equal opportunities through education on SRHR in schools. Contributor: Tommy Eriksson, the Public Health Agency (Sweden)

Addressing sexual consent in a positive way. Contributor: Pelle Ullholm, The Swedish Association for Sexuality Education

Providing guidance to young migrants online – Contributors: Emelie Mire Åsell and Roh Petas, The Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society. Lotta Nord, INERA (Sweden)

Workshop 5: Can a redefinition of masculinity eliminate trafficking of human beings for sexual purposes? (Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, Sweden)

Welcome to the Barbershop Workshop. Klas Hyllander & Magnus Loftsson, Moderators and Gender-Based Violence Prevention Experts

Human Trafficking for the Purpose of Sexual Exploitation in the Nordic and Baltic region Contributors: Anna Ekstedt, Expert Advisor on Trafficking in Human Beings, Swedish Gender Equality Agency; Endrit Mujaj, Project Officer, Task Force against Trafficking in Human Beings, Council of the Baltic Sea States

Workshop 6: Nordic work with violence prevention among young men and honour-related violence (Swedish Gender Equality Agency)

Stereotypical norms of masculinity- a cause of violence Contributor: Lucas Gottzén, Professor, Department Child and Youth Studies, Stockholm University (Sweden)

Violence prevention – nothing to wait for! Contributor: Cecilia Narby, National agency for youth and civil society (Sweden)

A community free from violence – how can we make it happen? Contributor: Sofie Kindahl, MÄN (Sweden)

Mentors in violence prevention – experiences from Sweden Contributors: Pernilla Vera Junior and young mentors from Botkyrka Municipality (Sweden)

Preventing honour related violence – experiences from Denmark Contributor: Sigrid Bacher Frederiksen, The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration

Stop the Dating Violence – experiences from Denmark Contributor: Susanne Nour Magnusson, Director, Dialog mod Vold (Denmark)

Stop the Dating Violence – experiences from Norway Contributor: Hedda Hakvåg, senior advisor, Reform (Norway)

Working with men – a European perspective Contributors: Gerhard Hafner, Dipl. Psych and Catalyst for HeForShe Germany; Alessandra Pauncz, Executive Director for European Network for the Work with Perpetrators of Domestic Violence (WWP EN); Olga Persson, Secretary-General at UNIZON (Sweden)


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