International Expert Meeting – young men and honour

Tuesday November 27 the International Expert Meeting on violence-preventive work against honour-based violence commences at the Swedish Gender Equality Agency in Angered, Göteborg. The Expert Meeting will last for two days and gathers international experts from several countries, Swedish experts, and local actors working with violence-preventive work with boys and young men in an honour context.

– Successful work has been carried out internationally, but we haven’t reached the same results in Sweden, says Arbresha Rexhepi, investigator at the Gender Equality Agency.

– This will be an opportunity for us to further the development in Sweden, and we make it possible for international as well as national actors to exchange knowledge and experiences, create dialogue around challenges, possibilities, and method development in the violence-prevention work, she continues.

About the International Expert Meeting

The International Expert Meeting is arranged November 27-28, at the Swedish Gender Equality Agency in Angered, Göteborg. The meeting will be opened by Lena Ag, the General Director of the Swedish Gender Equality Agency, and Anna Collins-Falk, International Coordinator at the Swedish Gender Equality Agency will be the moderator of the meeting.

Invited guests will arrive from Lebanon, Jordan, Great Britain, Germany, and Norway, and will share their experiences of methods for violence prevention where they have been successful.

Other invited guests come from the civil society, the local community, and national representatives from authorities, the National Competence Team, County Council, Östergötland, the Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, and the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will share their work.

The international actors will hold short seminars, leading to conversations in the form of workshops during two intense days.

In the evening November 27, the Gender Equality Agency and the culture house Blå Stället in Angered will arrange an open event with music, poetry, and short motivational speeches from the international actors, mingle, and opportunities to meet local organisations, international and national actors, and staff from the Gender Equality Agency.

Background and purpose

The Gender Equality Agency’s assignment from the Government is to compile, distribute, and develop methods for work with boys and young men in an honour context.

The International Expert Meeting is a part of the Government assignment and the method development work. The purpose is to study international examples of work and methods within identified development areas in the Swedish work, methods for work with boys and young men in an honour context.

To achieve the purpose with the International Expert Meeting the Gender Equality Agency carried out an inventory of the ongoing work within the area. Dialogue meets with national actors has been added as complements. All in all, this work indicates that there are further needs of knowledge and methods in implementation processes, target group adaption, and locally anchored work.

Neglected target group

Honour-based violence and oppression affect girls and women, as well as boys and men, and both men and women can be perpetrators. Sometimes can one person be victim and perpetrator, not the least boys and young men.

The target group boys and young men in an honour context is highlighted as a neglected target group that not always is caught by general violence prevention and require directed measures. The work is seldom carried out from their positions as vulnerable, but rather as potential perpetrators, alternatively the role of victim/perpetrator. Here, a knowledge gap may exist, where the methods do not always follow the experiences.

To introduce human rights and children’s rights perspective has been emphasized as a success factor in the work with children and young people in connection to preventive work against honour-based violence and oppression. The wide introduction is described as a base for beginning a dialogue about values and attitudes in connection to the honour context.

The involvement of young people

– In addition, it is important to emphasize young people and their work, examine methods for young people’s involvement and inclusion with the purpose of developing methods, adapted to target groups. Therefore, parts of the meeting will focus on young agents of change, engaging in violence-preventive work, says Arbresha Rexhepi.

Local anchoring is also emphasized as a success factor in the violence-preventive work.

– When methods and ways of work are locally anchored and with unique prerequisites, the possibilities to create efficient and long-term work. The international experience is large here, as well, she continues.

We are going forward

International examples will bring forward the method development work in Sweden. We will be able to begin a dialogue with operations and actors representing non-government organisations, NGOs, lobbying work by and for young people, and work in the MENA region, (the Middle East, and North Africa), focusing on involving boys and young men in the violence-preventive work

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