#onnocondition (#slutvillkorat)

#onnocondition is a hashtag used by women with a disability. The group highlights that the support they are entitled to is often conditional, which means an increased risk of sexual harassment and violence.

Women with disabilities are often dependent on the support of others in their everyday life. This can be personal assistance, accompanying and travel services, where the support given by society should provide security, but does not always do so. It can also
be a partner or another family member.

The group describes how their dependence is often exploited. As a woman with a disability, you can become dependent on relatives or friends when society does not provide the support that is needed. This support is based on goodwill; those in need must accept the help they can get – on other people’s terms. This leads to a great imbalance of power. Daily situations where assistance is required can generate the conditions for abuse to become possible.

The film can function as an eye opener or as a starting point for a discussion about what the professionals who meet the target groups can do differently in order meet the needs in a better way.

Last updated: 12:59 - 22 Nov, 2019