#notthegoodolddays (#intebättreförr)

The women behind # notthegoodolddays explain that guilt and shame is a heavy load to carry and that violence does not necessarily stop because you get older.

It is important to show the extent of sexual harassment and that men’s violence against women has a long history. Despite the fact that Sweden has clear legislation on people’s right to support and protection, older women’s needs have to a large extent been rendered invisible.

With the hashtag #notthegoodolddays (#intebättreförr), older women explain what they have been and are still exposed to. The testimonies of many lay the blame and guilt where it belongs – at the perpetrator’s door.

The film can function as an eye opener or as a starting point for a discussion about what the professionals who meet the target groups can do differently in order meet the needs in a better way.


Last updated: 1:01 - 22 Nov, 2019