Stories from the #metoo movement

During summer 2018, the government gave special assignments to Swedish authorities. The main purpose of the assignments was to improve the work on discovering, addressing, preventing and raising awareness of sexual harassment.

Within the framework of the government assignment to perform training initiatives directed at the social services and closely related activities, the Swedish Gender Equality Agency has created five short films. Read more about the assignment here (opens in a new window).

The films are based on the stories and needs that are expressed in different #metoo appeals from some of the vulnerable groups encountered by the social services. The needs are linked to sexual harassment, abuse and violence against older women, women with disabilities, abused women, women who are deaf or hard of hearing and women who have experience of prostitution and human trafficking.

The films can be used in contexts that address questions of men’s violence towards women, violence in close relationships, sexual vulnerability and double vulnerability. They can function as an eye opener or as an introduction to a discussion about what the professionals who meet these groups can do differently. Click the sections below or to your left to watch the films and read more about the different hashtags.