Support & coordination

The Swedish Gender Equality Agency supports other government agencies, county councils, regions and municipalities in their efforts to achieve the national gender equality goals. These efforts must be based on both current research and experiences from previous work.

Increase collaboration

An important part of the work is to increase the collaboration between different parts of society. Achievement of the goal concerning gender equality in education will require efforts not only by individual schools, but also by relevant government authorities and those who train teachers and other school personnel. The same reasoning of course applies to the work to achieve the other gender equality goals.

The county administrative boards, with their regional gender equality responsibilities, and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions are central cooperation partners of the Agency. Other authorities, as well as civil society and the business community, are needed in the work to increase the impact of gender equality policies. The Agency is to create useful platforms for meetings and transfer of knowledge between different parts of society.

Supporting the Gender Mainstreaming Efforts of Swedish Government Agencies

The Swedish Gender Equality Agency supports government agencies assigned by the government to integrate a gender perspective in all of their operations. Within the framework of a development programme titled Gender Mainstreaming in Government Agencies (GMGA), 58 different government agencies and the Swedish National Council of Adult Education have received this instruction. The goal of the initiative is to increase these agencies’ contributions to the overarching goal of Swedish gender equality policy, namely that women and men are to have the same power to shape society and their own lives.

In a similar way, the national government has instructed all public universities in Sweden, plus Chalmers University of Technology and Jönköping University, to develop gender mainstreaming plans, in order for them to become better at contributing to achieving the gender equality goals. The government identifies equal career opportunities in academia, the need to work against gendered education choices and improvements in women’s and men’s completion rates in higher education as issues of particular priority. The Swedish Gender Equality Agency is to support the higher education institutions in their gender mainstreaming work.

National Strategy to End Men’s Violence against Women

The government has decided to implement a 10-year national strategy to enable the achievement of the gender equality goal of ending men’s violence against women. The Swedish Gender Equality Agency has an important task in coordinating this work, which also includes efforts to combat violence in same-sex relationships and honour-related violence and oppression. The strategy emphasises the need to strengthen the preventive work.

The Agency will help make the strategy known, increase the coordination in the area and support local and regional actors in their implementation of the strategy by contributing knowledge, methods and other assistance.

Last updated: 12:29 - 27 Jun, 2018