Analysis & follow-up

Evaluations have pointed to a great need for an overall picture and analysis of developments in the area of gender equality in relation to the actions taken. An increased impact of national gender equality policy will require a relevant knowledge base and reviews of implemented interventions.

Identify and describe the gender equality situation

One of the Swedish Gender Equality Agency’s most important tasks will be to develop a systematic structure for the analysis of progress in relation to all six nationally declared Swedish gender equality goals.

The Agency is to develop knowledge material that identifies and describes the gender equality situation in various sectors of society. To this end, it will utilise statistics, reviews carried out by other government agencies, studies and current research of relevance in the field.

In addition, the Agency is to identify and analyse ongoing and completed interventions. Together with other parts of the Agency and cooperation partners, methods and tools that may strengthen the gender equality work in various areas of society will be developed.

In response to the national strategy for combating men’s violence against women, the Agency will give particular attention to coordinating and establishing collaborations for the development of knowledge. This entails developing and bringing together existing research and best practices in the area of men’s violence against women, violence in same-sex relationships and honour-related violence and oppression. There will be a particular focus on developing knowledge about preventive work.

Last updated: 12:27 - 27 Jun, 2018