Understanding Concepts of Violence – A key to the work processes on the new qualitative target (2021:22)

The qualitative target encompasses both Sweden’s commitments within the framework of the Istanbul Convention and the national strategy to prevent and combat men’s violence against women.

Knowledge is critical for victims of violence and perpetrators of violence to receive adequate treatment and support to change their life circumstances. Consequently, the Swedish government has resolved that knowledge about combating men’s violence against women and domestic violence shall constitute a qualitative target in eight tertiary level education programmes.

The Swedish Gender Equality Agency has established that there is a considerable need for lecturers and staff with overarching educational responsibilities to be further educated on the subject. In particular, this pertains to understanding the scope and context of what is included in the qualitative target. To improve dissemination of the study an abridged version in the English language has been prepared, Higher-Education Institutions’ Education Requirements on the Issue of Men’s Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence. The Swedish Gender Equality Agency has prepared this abridged version.